Empowering you to FEEL FIT!

FIT is a feeling and it’s our job to help you find it. 

FIT AS FX brings the gym – the trainer – the programming –  and the FUN to locations around Victoria.

We are a gym on wheels – with all the latest equipment, technology and support to help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Our group training structure offers flexibility and functionality so you can achieve your fitness goals. 

Icon of kettlebell and dumbbell

Connect to community

We are way more likely to nail an exercise routine in the company of others. Push yourself to achieve your fitness goals and make great friends in the process. Our intimate, small group sessions are designed to bring the fun back into training. 

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Regular checks-in, community encouragement and constant support.  Provided by an experienced and passionate instructor who will keep you accountable and encourage you to do your BEST!

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over 50 sessions

We run over 50 sessions per month, so there is a time and session to suit everyone. We offer a variety of training options including strengths-based training, boxing, cardio, HITT sessions & loads more.

$49 per week

This membership is perfect for anyone wanting  RESULTS and to get fit while being surrounded by people who keep you accountable.  We have over 50 sessions per month to join, a body scan, a food plan, a Fit as FX T-Shirt AND training in amazing outdoor locations!



EXPRESS SESH - 30 minutes

This is for all you early birds that need to get in and out! This express session is a fast paced 30mins which will cover at least 2 body parts. We will focus on supersets to get as many exercises in as we can.

FIT AS FX - 45 minutes

Strength class like no other FIT AS FX combines all aspects of the trailer plus exposes you to moves that will challenge and advance your training. Get down to a solid leg sesh or build those guns we will work on high volume hypertrophy exercises that covers every little muscle plus the big ones. Suitable to all levels of fitness – this one is catered to you!

STRENGTH SETS - 45 minutes

Focus more on strength and conditioning, learning technique and increasing lean muscle.

FESTIVAL - 45 minutes

Time to celebrate freedom of movement and take your breath away!
Lets get your endorphins soaring, lift your mood as we cover our whole body, suitable for all fitness levels we will cover different training styles changing up the session each and every time. Our focus will be on boxing, cardio and strength training adding the fun of power, speed and muscular endurance. Join us with fun tunes as we hit up all the features of FIT AS FX





What type of training does Fit As FX offer?

Fit As FX offers a range of training sessions that run for 30 -45 or 60 minutes and include strength & conditioning -based training, boxing, cardio, HITT, sessions and much more. 

It's been a while since I've trained, does Fit As FX cater to beginners?

Fit As FX is suitable for people of all fitness levels. We welcome beginners, intermediate and advanced trainers. This is fitness your way with your personal goals in mind!

Can I join a session if I am running late?

Life happens and at Fit As FX we have a ‘better late than never’ policy. Join in when you can and don’t feel too bad if you snoozed your alarm one too many times.

What happens if it rains?

Our truck is kitted out with all the equipment of a regular gym so we can move the training inside the truck or keep training outdoors with protection from the truck’s awning. We have plenty of back up locations that are ready for those super wet days.

Do I need to purchase a pass or membership before attending a session?

To secure your spot in our limited class size online bookings are preferred. If you cannot jump online to secure a pass we will do our best to accommodate you. 

What locations do you run sessions at?

We currently run our weekly sessions at several locations throughout Ocean Grove including the foreshore (great for watching the sunrise on the beach!). For group sessions we travel all throughout regional Victoria and Melbourne. Join our email list to stay updated on where we’ll be popping up next.