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Our SHIELD program is designed to introduce Health & Wellbeing to secondary students.

The SHIELD program is comprehensive, seamlessly covering elements of health and wellness as part of its exercise program.

Addressing Stress, Sleep, Strategies, Habits, Interaction, Exercise, Learning, and Diet, we provide a holistic approach to transformative wellbeing.

Key Principles

We impart essential lessons to students, including:

  1. Patience is key – do not expect it all at once.
  2. Choose what aligns with your unique needs.
  3. Discover the power of collaboration – together is better and more enjoyable.
  4. Acknowledge the importance of your environment.
  5. Embrace gradual change for lasting impact.
  6. Recognize that you are your own secret ingredient.

At the core of our philosophy are Empowerment, Innovation, and Education, driving individuals towards sustainable health and vitality.

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How SHIELD Works

SHIELD can be implemented as part of the curriculum or as a 6-week program.

We cater for class sizes of up to 30 students at a time per session. Additional sessions can be arranged to cater for a larger number of students.

Each session runs for 45 min.

Each student will be given an information booklet as part of the program. 


6-week program (inc 1 session per week): $2,400 inc GST

Individual session: $500 incGST

Curriculum pricing: Contact Us to discuss your specific needs.

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Our mission is to inspire and support communities, fostering confidence and encouraging individuals to become the healthiest versions of themselves.

Embodying the values of FUN, FREEDOM, and FITNESS, our SHIELD program is meticulously designed across six essential blocks: Stress, Sleep, Strategies; Habits & How-To; Interaction & Implementation; Exercise & Movement; Learn & Educate; Diet & Nutrition.

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Meet Your Trainer

Kelly is dedicated to Movement & Empowerment, bringing over 25 years of experience as a Fitness Professional.

Advocating for the empowerment of individuals to achieve their best selves, I strive to enhance overall health and wellbeing through high-quality training sessions fuelled by passion, knowledge, and extensive expertise.